Exec Pastor

Terry Skinner



Art Menard

Hello I am Pastor Art and my wife is Tanya. We are serious about God's love and grace for all people. We feel strongly about reaching out to people with fresh messages that are relevant, groups that allow discussion, and family events and gatherings that engage the love God has manifest in His people.

Come join us Sunday mornings at 10 am. As the Bible says "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him" John 3:17. We believe that message! Our worship team is contemporary and blended, the atmosphere is full of love and the time we spend together will be worth coming for.

May God bless your family, friends and you most of all. See you soon.

Associate Pastor-Youth

Jeff Roever


Dream Team

Department Heads Term Expires 2020   Term Expires 2021
Duane Smith: SDMI Mike Mihlfeld Gary Romine
Chris Fingerhut: NYI Justin Arnett   Ronnie Dement
Ange-La Sutherland: NMI  Pat Fingerhut  Emily Davis
  Stephanie Strange  Nancy Faulkner
    Brian Flieg
Treasurer: Kathy Romine    


  May 2022  
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